First, please input the fv part of antibody and antigen sequences. Multi-samples are supported in AbAgIntPre. Each row in the text column represents a sample.

Hchain sequence:

Lchain sequence:

Antigen sequence:

                    Second,choose the machine-learning models and the threshold you wish to use. Higher threshold will result in better precision (i.e.
                                         less false postive results) but less predicted sites you may obtain.

Choose model:generic model SARS-CoV-specific model
False positive Rate (threshold): 10% 5% 1%
                    If there are many samples to be predicted, you can also write all sequences into file and upload it.
                    Notice, the sequence order should be: heavy chain sequences (split samples by newline) -> light chain sequences -> antigen sequences.
                                            Once the prediction is completed, the result will be sent to the designated mailbox in the form of an email.

Upload your file: Email:

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